22 April 2022
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Malaysia is like a big platter in which each item is unique. Whether it’s a secluded island, shiny beach, mountain to hike or soak in the UNESCO World Heritage site, there is no shortage of tourist attractions in Malaysia. This guide will help you engage in fun activities and popular sightseeing places to visit in Malaysia. 

Visit the architectural marvel – Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur

The Petronas Tower also called the Petronas Twin Towers due to the two identical towers joined by a sky bridge that is built on the 41st and 42nd floors of the buildings is one of the best places to visit in Malaysia. It has more than 100 retail stores, an art gallery, and a hall for music concerts. You will marvel at the architecture of the tower and enjoy walking on the sky bridge from where you can take in marvellous views of the city. 

Hike Mount Kinabalu

If you are a die-hard hiker, you cannot miss Mount Kinabalu located within the Kinabalu National Park. It is the highest mountain in Malaysia and a UNESCO site as well owing to its biodiversity. Mount Kinabalu is a mix of ecosystems brimming with different types of flora and fauna, alpine meadows, wild grasses, and shrubs. The hike is strenuous, and it is compulsory to scale the mountain with a licensed guide. There is also an accommodation facility for climbers at the Kinabalu National Park.

Take the Langkawi Cable Care Journey

The Langkawi Cable Car journey is one of the fun activities to indulge in Malaysian sightseeing. The distance from the base stations to the top of the Gunung Machinchang mountain is 2.2 km.  You will enjoy the panoramic view of Langkawi Island from the cable car. And if the weather is clear, you will also get a glimpse of the faraway Sumatra Island in Indonesia. Once you are at the top of the Gunung Machinchang mountain, take a walk on the pedestrian sky bridge. At the top, you can also visit the two viewing platforms to take in the sweeping views of the bay. 

Explore Batu Caves

The Batu Caves is a natural formation that occurred due to geographical changes over the centuries. There are three main caves and a series of smaller caves. The first thing that will instantly attract your attention at the Batu Caves is a gold statue of Lord Murugan, which is 43-metre in height.  Inside the cave is 272 steps staircase that leads to the main cave named ‘Cathederal.’ Since the entire cave is lighted, you can see statues and altars. Visitors are allowed to explore the cave on their own or take a guided tour.

Tour Penang Island

If you don’t want to miss a Heritage sight, then take a tour of Penang Island. This island is one of those unique places to visit in Malaysia that will make your vacation fabulous. The best attraction in this island is the Goerge Town, named after King George. Strolling through the streets of this town will take you to the era when Malaysia was under British rule. The commercial buildings and houses in the town offer a glimpse of Victorian-style architecture. Penang Island is also famous for exotic flora and fauna such as the Torch Ginger, which is a local plant used daily in Malaysian dishes.

Visit Bako National Park

If you want to enjoy one of the best outdoor activities in Malaysia, then do visit the Bako National Park. This park is replete with sandy beaches, blue waters, peat swamp forests and amazing flora and fauna. You will need to take a small motorboat ride to reach the park. The two trails in the park offer a great sightseeing experience.  The park also offers bungalows for rent along with a designated campsite. 

If these few fun activities and amazing sights have impressed you for a Malaysia visit, secure your Malaysia visit visa now and get ready to collect amazing memories to bask on for a lifetime.