25 January 2020
Waihi beach

Apologies for the lack of blogging, I've lost track of it during the first few days of travel. As of now we've done around 1000km in the northland, seeing Tutukana, a beautiful little bay where we stayed a night, bay of islands (as the name suggests, a bay with some islands in), and then we headed further up to Manganui where we enjoyed the freshest fish and chips and saw some giant stingrays in the ocean. After this we did a colossal driving day and headed to the tippy top of the island where we saw the tasmin sea and Pacific sea collide and then headed to the unbelievably vast 90 mile beach. We then drove back down to Waipu and visited the glow worm caves which turned a pitch black cave in to a bioluminescent night sky. Today we headed past Auckland to pick up some papers, went to cathedral cove and hot water beach and now we're camping at wahai beach! A very packed, very quick visit to the northland before our trip to the south begins! I'm going to try post blogs a bit more often so I don't have to write a small novel like this one! Keep an eye out for more posts coming your way...