8 February 2020
Golden bay

So, again, I'm being terribly slow with the updates but here we are again. Sorry for the delay! Anyway, we've now been travelling around the South island for 5 days and so far, all is pretty scenic on the island. We've been down to kaikoura to witness seal pups playing around 5m from us, we've been up into the Marlborough sounds to see the fjord like islands and peninsulas, we've visited the centre of nz in Nelson (where we got cheated with kiwi pool rules in a local pool tournament!), we went biking further north and now we have seen the abel tasman trail. So far, the south is living up to the beautiful reputation, and the people are exceeding their reputation! The picture is showing a small amount of the 2kg of mussels we were given by a kind local by the name of yogi which we cooked for before sitting by the river. Hopefully more free food awaits us on our journey, I shall update if this does happen...