11 February 2020
West Port

After the delicious mussels, we headed up to the North tip of the south island around Puponga were we ended up getting a little lost in the sand dunes of the kiwi beak (check out a map). This lead us to find a beach with some hidden seals lying behind rocks waiting to pop out at you! After surviving the surprise seal attacks, we went and found some baby seals who again, charged at us until they got about 20cm away... And then ran away. Incredible experience of a wild animal. Once we'd had our fun, we headed to Hangdog, a campsite next to a lot of world class climbing where I got to monkey about for a little bit the next day over a river, ending up getting very wet... Yesterday we headed to Mount rovert for sunrise (see photo) to do a hike and then headed to west port to see what the west coast can offer...