17 February 2020
Rakaia Gorge

As some of you may know, both the Oldham brothers are fairly into photography. It hit the clan hard when the little Oldham's trusty camera decided it had taken its last shot. Luckily, Christchurch is a large city and home to a very reasonable photography shop at which a new camera has been bought to fill the gap (expect slightly better quality images from now on!). Anyway, we have left the city behind after meeting a friend in a pub and headed to the peninsula off Christchurch where we walked up a hill, had a coffee in a small French village, watched a national dragon boat regatta and then headed to Rakaia Gorge. After having a lazy morning this morning (having a hot shower felt like the biggest luxury) we did the rakaia gorge walk and, not feeling too tired, went to peak hill to do a summit which gave 360° mountainous views. Life just cannot be bad when there are so many mountains around to see. We're both looking forward to seeing the rest of what the south island has to offer as we head towards Dunedin! 

4 months 1 week ago

Might be a caravan with Ute Canopy installed will be great to have next time you go on camp :) Aluminium canopies are an excellent way to maximise the storage capabilities of tray back utes. They have multiple applications for tradesman, leisure and touring. 

Anyways, great to see you travelling to different place :) Kudos!