28 February 2020

Dunedin came and went, a whirlwind of cheese rolls, steep hills and freezing winds all topped off with a bit of alcohol and entertaining locals. Amazing place with some interesting Scottish history (Dunedin is gaelic for Edinburgh and so all the streets are called the same), lovely architecture and incredible surroundings. We ventured to the otago peninsula, just half an hour drive from the city, to see albatross, sea lions and penguins! After being scarily close to the mating rituals of some giant sea lions we took a guided kayak tour to see some more seals and birds before attempting surf back in the boats along the waves.

After otago, we revisited Dunedin for a trusty hungry hobos cheese roll before heading towards the catlins. The catlins seem like a weird tourist trap that concentrates people in certain locations which we didn't like, however, porpoise Bay near curio Bay was incredible. Finally, a life long dream of seeing wild dolphins was met with a bang as a pod of 40 dolphins that live in the bay were jumping and surfing along the waves only 20m away from the shore. So, after hitchhiking back to the van to get fish and chips, all I could think about was getting in the water with them and so, at low tide in the morning after we went back and braved the Arctic conditions. Oh boy was it worth it, getting about a metre away from jumping dolphins as the curiously hopped past. Pleased to say, one of the best moments of the trip/my life today.