2 March 2020
Te Apau

And so we've entered the wettest, most sandfly infested part of New Zealand.... Or so we've been told. We started our Fjordlands journey right with a 20km gravel road to New Zealand's deepest lake where we smashed up the closest walk to enjoy some incredible views of the surrounding mountain range. (mt remarkable I think?) Views admired and photos taken we headed to camp to build a burly bonfire like true southern men would do (see the insane marketting campaign by speights for reference). Beer, bonfire and bonkers bird sounds.... Bliss...


Waking up in a cloud of fog, we headed to less remote lakes, went into a limestone cave and chickened out (losing our southern man status) and then headed to manapouri in search of a walk. We found none were accessible which, pardon my American, was a bit trash. Boat seemed the only way and we decided against it as you could here the tiny moving parts in grants brain ticking as he realised we were close to the kepler track (one of the great walks). Leaving it late, we cracked on at a pretty decent pace, reversing the end of the track and doing a return journey through the forest of about 22km. Satisfied and hungry, we headed straight for camp. As it turns out, there's no freedom camping around these parts and so we've gone for a 5 star campsite with a sauna just to truly remove our southern man status. 2 more days of the fjordlands, no rain so far and not too many sandflies.... Let's hope that carries on and we don't end up neck deep in fjordland floods in the next 2 days!