25 March 2020

I just wanted to update you avid readers on our current situation just in case anyone was worried. We heard the news a few days ago that we had 48 hours until the country went into their highest level of lockdown for Coronavirus. At that point we were on the west coast, so instantly bought fuel and some food and headed back through aurthurs pass to reach Christchurch as where we stopped after the lockdown was going to be where we had to stay for 4 weeks. Luckily, we have been provided accommodation by the kindest, most genourous people for the duration of the lockdown. We couldn't be more grateful. Grant is trying to find flights to come back to the UK every day and I am working on my CV and applications to apply for jobs when the country returns to some form of normality. And that is all. Keep safe, keep smiling, a little kindness to others can go a long way in times like this.